How to Delete Mails in Gmail Account { Simple Tips}

What is mail?

Mail Is the message send to a person through internet. Mail helps peoples to exchange their thoughts over the world. At the present time the technology is increasing day by day and because of that everyone needs a fast approach to do a work. you don’t need to wait to send a message or your work presentation in Nano second your work will be sent to another person. Mail changes the era of networking incredibly. Today, a person can’t think about his life without mail as in one or another form everyone is using mail.

How to Delete Mails in Gmail Account { Simple Tips}

Delete Mails in Gmail

Delete Mails in Gmail

Steps to delete mails in Gmail

  • open the web browser on your computer/laptop.
  • Once it is open, type “” in search box and click enter.
  • Now, log into your Gmail account.

Delete all mail from inbox tab

  • Once it is open, navigate to “promotions” tab.
  • Now, click on checkbox to select all the mails in the current page.
  • This will select all mails now click on “select all conversations in promotions”.
  • Click on “delete” located at the top of the mails.
  • This will delete all mails from promotion tab.

Deleting mail from your unwanted sender automatically

  • Once it is open, click on “more” at top left.
  • Now, click on filter messages like these.
  • click on filter with this search.
  • Then check the “delete” option located at the middle left of your screen.
  • After this, click on “Create filter”.
  • Now, any mail from your selected sender will be deleted automatically.

Deleting mail from a specific sender

  • Click on the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox.
  • Type senders name.
  • Now, click on the search icon at top right adjacent to search bar.
  • Select all mails you want to get deleted.
  • Click on “delete” located at the top of the mails.
  • Click on the “trash” icon at left, this is a toolbar in Gmail.
  • Now, click on “empty trash now”.
  • Your selected sender’s mails are now deleted.
  • If you don’t select empty the trash now, the deleted mails will stay there for 30 days after that they will get deleted automatically.

Delete mail older than a specific date

  • Click on the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox.
  • Type “in:inbox before:YY/MM/DD”.
  • Click on select all checkbox at below the search bar.
  • Then, click on “select all the conversations that match the search” at top of your inbox.
  • Now, click on “delete” located at the top of the mails.
  • All the mails before your selected date will be moved to trash.
  • From trash they will get deleted automatically after 30 days.

With these easy steps you will be able to easily delete mail from your Gmail account. Some of the browser don’t show default search engine as Google. You can first search or directly start entering Gmail to your default search engine it’s up to you. There are many others method to delete the mails but these are the basic methods that everybody uses.


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