Gmail Forgot Password | Google Account Password Recovery

Gmail account password Recovery : Gmail is one the most used platform for sending emails. Using mails are now very important either it is about your educational purpose or about your professional work. And for login to Gmail, the very important thing is to remember your username and your password. Since your password is the most confidential thing and you can’t share it with anyone, the chances are high that you may forget your password if you are not a frequent user of Gmail. So today, we are sharing a guide step by step about how to recover your Gmail account password. Let’s take a look

Gmail Forgot Password | Google Account Password Recovery

gmail password recovery

gmail password recovery

Steps to Recover a Forgotten Gmail password

If you want to recover your forgotten Gmail password, you firstly need to reset the forgotten password. And for that, there are two things in which even one can be useful.

Make sure that you haven’t logged into your Gmail account from last 5 days or

You either should have the secondary email address which you have given at the time of making the account.

Step 1-  open the page

Firstly, open your Gmail account page where you need to write your username and password to log in.

Step 2- click on forgot password

Once you landed to the page, do enter your username and click on forgot password which is written just right below the space given below for password.

Step 3- type your full email address or phone number

Once you click on forgot password, they will land you to another page where you will be asked to enter your email address or phone number associated with this particular account.

Step 4- enter your details

Once you enter the right email address or phone number, they will ask you questions like your name, last name, birthday etc. you need to answer it.

Also, if you don’t remember the answer of any specific question, you can click on try a different question and answer that.

NOTE- make sure you write the same information you wrote at the time of making the account.

Questions google may ask to recover your account

Now, it is difficult to convince google if you haven’t answer them correctly. There are some questions which google may ask to recover your google account. Let’s scroll

Your previous password

It is the most common and basic question google ask. Yes, they understand that you don’t remember your latest password and that’s why you are following this process. But here, you can enter any password you remember associated with this account. That means, you can write even your very first password you wrote at the time of making the account.

Verification using the code

If you have enabled 2 step verifications with your google account about which we told you in our earlier article, you can get the benefit here.

You can either get a code to your registered number or

Printed back up codes

Follow the link

It is the process in which google will send a mail to an email address in which they will send a link through which you can reset your password. You can enter your current or any other email address which you are able to access to receive this link mail.

Security question

At the time of making the account, google asked a security question from you which was decided by you and answered by you. If you remember this, you can get your account back by answering the security question.

These are some of the ways through which you can get your Gmail account back. But once you get it back, reset the password and don’t forget it.

Updated: October 25, 2017 — 7:06 pm


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  1. This is my gmail usernames, bonny moses ,I use one of my last phone to create gmail and now have forgotten the password ,wen I reset for the password ,the password were send to my lost phone that I use to create the gmail, I thought it will be sent to my sim card as message but it was not ,plss I need a serious help ,this is the phone number 07083869843

  2. I forgot my gmail password, pls I need a help I lost my first phone I use to create my gmail so as I forgot my password ,I request for reset but the password is always sent to past phone that I use to create the gmail, I thought it will be sent to this my sim card that I use to create the account

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